One of the key requirements for successful global business is logistics. This is why CPH Chemicals has global storage facilities in ports in Europe, the Far East, the United States and other regions. These facilities are all situated in the vicinity of industrial centers and / or clients, allowing for rapid and efficient delivery. CPH Chemicals' experienced logistics team ensures a permanent and stable supply chain that guarantees a production flow with consistent and reliable quality.


About CPH Chemicals

From our foundation in the late eighties, we developed a vast philosophy about the way we wanted to act in the global economy. Trust, knowledge, confidentiality and reliability are crucial values for our people, and have always been an important part of our internal education. read more

How we work

CPH Chemicals strongly believes in the 'Open book' concept, in which CPH Chemicals acts as the primary sales channel for a specific region, and provides full transparency regarding prices and volumes. Through the Open book concept, all parties in a specific deal have access to read more

Our Partners

The large group of partners of CPH Chemicals consists of both producers and clients. We always aim for long-lasting relationships in which we enable people and companies to operate as successfully as possible on the worldwide market of chemicals and plastics. read more