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How we work

CPH Chemicals strongly believes in offering a wide range of services. As a small and flexible organization we are able to adapt our services to our partners' needs. Depending on the client and his demands, we offer tailor-made solutions not only as a trade partner, but also as a distributor and agent. We can even apply our 'open book' concept.

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In order to provide our clients with the highest level of service, CPH Chemicals has large warehouses around the globe (more than 20 worldwide) where we store our inventory. From here trucks loaded with goods set off every day to deliver to whichever address our clients wish. Goods can also be packaged to suit clients' needs.

CPH Chemicals has a large and valuable network of producers and clients. In some regions, like Eastern Europe and India, we act as an agent for larger producers. By delivering this service we allow both producers and clients to use our network and expertise to achieve the best results.

Open book
CPH Chemicals strongly believes in the 'Open book' concept, in which CPH Chemicals acts as the primary sales channel for a specific region, and provides full transparency regarding prices and volumes. Through the Open book concept, all parties signing on to a deal have access to business intelligence and are able to take a strategic position based on valuable real-time information. The end result is that earnings are boosted through the leveraging of local expertise and dedication, while on the bottom line parties save costs by lowering overheads.

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