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Service and transparency form the essence of CPH Chemicals' business ethos. The company provides the best service on every level of a transaction. From the initial contact to the transaction, from financing to logistics, from insurances to technical support: CPH Chemicals has a dedicated team that is always ready to work with and for its clients.


In order to allow both suppliers and buyers to do business on their own terms, CPH Chemicals facilitates global business by buying the chemicals on suppliers' terms and delivering the goods to the customer on the terms required. As part of this service, CPH Chemicals is even able to offer off-balance financing or pre-payment prior to product shipment.



CPH Chemicals has global storage facilities in ports in Europe, the Far East, the United States and other regions. These facilities are all situated in the vicinity of industrial centers and / or clients, allowing for rapid and efficient delivery. CPH Chemicals' experienced logistics team ensures a permanent and stable supply chain that guarantees a production flow with consistent and reliable quality.



With a strong, high-quality network of carefully selected local staff, CPH Chemicals can act as a reseller on a principal-to-principal basis for its clients or represent the client as an agent in countries where we operate our own sales offices. This allows the company to provide global services on a local level.



Over the years, CPH Chemicals has built strong relationships with large insurance companies, allowing us to offer our clients maximum security and reliability for every part of their business.

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